About me

Hello and welcome to Bent But Not Breaking!
Proudly owned by Ann Toscano.

This website was in the middle of receiving a much needed digital make over but is currently on hold due to Covid19, but not for the reasons you may think! I have been busy supporting our community and I invite you to join me on this journey of providing care, compassion and support during such challenging times.

My website will eventually be complete but lets be honest guys, our community is in urgent need right now and my priority is not about having this website finished to perfection right now, in-fact this website was nowhere near ready to launch to the public but I had decided to do so as a way to reach out my hand and offer my help to anyone who is doing it hard during stage4 lockdown.

I intend update this page soon and I look forward to telling you a little more about myself but until then,
please feel free to head over to my social media accounts for regular updates.