Giving up

When I started to truly feel my worth, that’s when I found it harder to stay around people who didn’t.
I am at a point in my life where if you’re the slightest bit rude to me, if you make me feel bad about myself, if you don’t uplift me, don’t add value in my life or don’t give me the respect that I know I deserve, I will immediately shut you out even if you are family and I have never been happier!

Sometimes cutting people off completely isn’t possible, but I need you to know that limiting your exposure to them is!
Granted, some days are harder than others, especially when it comes to family. I can easily allow my emotions to take over. I feel resentment/emotion rush over me and it takes about a day to catch myself and push myself back into a better head space.

But I am sitting here this morning thinking why? and over what? Over someone else’s insecurities that they are projecting onto others? Because when it comes down to it, that is all that it really is right? Someone else’s hate, someone else’s insecurities and someone else’s inability to open their minds to change and their own inability to simply be kind.
Why should someone else’s thoughts of us matter? Why do words and opinions hurt so deeply? When I put it that simply it makes me realise how insignificant another persons negative thoughts or words towards me are. Their insecurities are not mine.


I get it now! Even with my own mother, even with family members and even with friends. I have learned in time to disconnect from people who make me feel less than. I hold all power and what I give power to, has power over me!

If you don’t like the way someone is treating you and you have no control over changing it, you really only have two options.
Let it consume you OR take away its only power..
Your attention!

We truly are only confined by the walls we build ourselves and I am learning the true value and importance of not carrying other peoples loads that were not mine to carry in the first place. I will never EVER again allow ignorant judgment or someone’s words to have so much power over me that it controls how I live my life or the choices that I make.

I am fearless! And when self-doubt creeps in or I am fearful, I allow myself to feel, I acknowledge and embrace that fear. I then follow through by pushing myself way out of my comfort zone and set fire to old thought patterns and limited beliefs.

So today I say fuck this! It’s time to let go, guys. It’s time to GIVE UP!

Give up on toxic relationships. Give up on anything that doesn’t make you happy or inspire you. Give up on old patterns passed down to you. Give up on trying to please everyone. Give up on comparing, competing, judging, anger, regret, guilt, blame, fear…
Give up the thought that giving up is a negative. Because sometimes giving up equals self-care!

Sometimes we hold on a little too long to people, not because we have more good in our hearts than they do, but because we have a natural ability to see the best in everyone. Sometimes we see others for how they could have been with a heart like ours, but they don’t, and maybe they never will. It has taken me a long time to accept this, I have worked my ass off to constantly check myself and practise finding peace with the fact that not everyone is going to have the same heart or intentions as I do. I am still learning and always will be. But one thing I can say for certain is that there is an indescribable amount of self-growth, beauty and strength that comes with acceptance.
When in doubt I always go back to my 2020 article which has been my go to reminder that I find strength in. (click here to read that article)

We can not change the people around us, we should not feel the need to!
What we can change however, is how we allow others to affect us and how we choose respond to them. We get to choose what and who we give our power and energy too. Give your energy and value to those who appreciate it and encourage you.

A heart like yours is special my friend.

People who are deserving of having you in their life will show you the goodness of their heart, you should not be looking for it. Look in your circle. Notice who in your circle makes you feel good. If they make you feel shit more than they uplift you, it’s time to let go. Not because you’re better than someone else, but because you know you deserve more, you know energy is contagious. Let go because you love yourself enough to walk away from anyone who does not value to your life.

I need you to know that you are deserving, you are worthy and god damnit, you are fucking enough!

xoxo Ann


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