Beauty and health starts in your head, not on a scale or a mirror

Diet culture can keep us facing a mirror instead of facing the world.
Be healthy! Drink water! Exercise! Eat well! Nourish your body! These are all important. But there is a big difference between health and obsession. Our mindset and thought process based around diet/exercise matters.
Ask yourself, are you pushing yourself too hard? Are you depriving yourself? Are you happy? Is what you’re doing healthy for your mind and body?

Switch your diet mindset :

Did I burn enough calories to eat this?
I am hungry so I am going to eat

I can’t eat this?
Is this what I want to eat ?

I ate awful this weekend I am so ashamed
I indulged and had a great weekend

I am being “good” at sticking to my diet
There are no forbidden foods, just healthy moderation

I need to be more disciplined
I can eat whatever I want

I’m so fat, I need to exercise more
I exercise because it makes me feel good and helps my physical and mental health

Can I have this?
Do I want this?

How do I look?
How do I feel?

Will this make me skinny?
Will this nourish me?

I exercise so I can eat
I eat so I can exercise

Food is my worst enemy and my favourite reward
Food is just food

Beauty and health starts in your head, not on a scale or mirror

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