A simple smile saves the day!

The day a restaurant/cafe served more than just food or drink

Photo from The Rise Pizzeria social media pages 

Last week I had a horrible morning.
I dropped my kids off at school & had a long moment of ugly, hysterical crying in the car on my way home. I was so busy crying & distracted by the deep lyrics to the song that I was listening to that I missed my turn to get home.

  I cried a little harder for a moment (of course I did) & I decided that since I was already closer to my local plaza than I was to my house, I would go get myself a strong coffee to take home with me.

I went into The Rise Pizzeria who is a family-owned restaurant.
I must have looked like a complete wreck, mascara smudged under my eyes & my hair up in the typical messy “mum bun”.
The definition of a hot mess! I was feeling embarrassed & ashamed but I needed a damn good quality, STRONG coffee!

Photo from The Rise Pizzeria social media pages

I sat in the parking lot for a moment, wiped my eyes & dragged myself out of the car and

I am so glad I did!

They were quite busy at the time but the staff greeted me with such a positive vibe, they were extremely kind & so friendly that I quickly forgot about the embarrassment of the physical state that I was in.

I had been to The Rise Pizzeria for my husband’s birthday back in June, their food & hospitality were amazing! But this particular day was different, that morning I felt completely defeated, anxious, overwhelmed & worthless. This particular day was also the perfect example & a much-needed reminder of how a simple smile, a short conversation & a kind compassionate manner can make a difference to someone’s life. ⠀

So to The Rise Pizzeria & Cafe, THANK YOU!

I thank you not only for the quality of your food & your warm/kind welcome but for making a difference to a day that felt like my world was crashing down on me.

Thank you for reminding me that a simple smile truly can make a difference, even if we have no knowledge of our smile doing so.



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