Be proud of who you are & not ashamed of how someone else sees you

Ash Willett is a new mother who is well known by the TikTok community for her creative cosplay videos and her hilariously raw yet real sense of humor. Although Ash is loved for her creativity and talents, unfortunately, the world of social media automatically comes with the risk of online bullying, body shaming, and quite a lot of negativity.

But Ash will not stand for it!

Below is a post that Ash shared on her social media in regard to the body-shaming that she had received during her experience of bringing her creativity to an online platform.

This post struck a chord with me. Too often women are judged, shammed, and belittled simply because of their appearance, too often we are disregarded and dismissed based on our appearance and gender, the list truly does go on.  I am sure I don’t need to remind you that people, including young children, are literally losing their lives by the hands of online bullying. So props to this incredibly strong Mumma for being proud of who she is and for using her platform to spread positivity and demonstrating self-love and self-growth.


Alright, I’m gonna show my body side on and face-on proudly because I’m so tired of being scared to show my body because I’m always hearing “you’re fat?” As if they are shocked or something,  commenting on my teeth and how they aren’t straight “buck teeth” “ew bunny teeth” “I can’t stand the teeth sorry darl”

Yes, I’ve actually had that said to me! It’s so hard to go on a live stream video and remain happy with a smile on my face when I get comments like this. People completely judge me and define me based on my body shape and appearance and it’s ridiculous!

Yeah, it hurts like hell sometimes, especially since they don’t know me or what I’ve been through. The people who make these insensitive comments either don’t care or don’t think about how much their words can affect someone.

When will this online bullying ever end?

This is the sad reality of today’s society. Social media has given everyone a voice, and although many of us use our voice for the good, there are people out there using their voices to bring others down.

But regardless, I block them and I move on. Sometimes I have a cry if I feel like it and I remember the good will always outweigh the bad.

If anyone is putting you down please stay strong. I’m not saying it’s okay. Disrespect and bullying is NEVER okay, but I urge you to remember that the people bullying you are only doing it because of their own personal problems and insecurities that they are facing in their own lives. There is always a reason as to why someone is bullying and I want you to know that you are NOT the problem.

I’m not the prettiest or the fittest, BUT I AM ME.

I’ve held a baby within me, I have been through a surgery. I’ll never have the cleanest looking body, but I accept my body as it is and I appreciate what my body has gone through.
I am thankful that I am still alive, I am thankful that I am healthy and here to tell you my story today.

I’ll work on my body if I want to and not because you believe that I should.
Accept me as I am or f*ck off basically.
I’m sorry you guys have had to see this side of me speaking up, but I’m also not sorry…
I’m not sorry because I hope this helps someone who has or is going through bullying.
I hope it makes you realise that you are not alone, and I hope this reminds others that our words truly do matter.
There are no “mild cases” of bullying.

Bullying is bullying, and it bloody hurts!

To anyone reading this, please stay strong, reach out to someone if you’re going through a tough time. No one deserves to go through this alone and I hope you know that you don’t have to.

Keep fighting. I love you guys ❤️❤️

xoxo Ash

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Props again to this amazingly talented and strong woman for speaking out and standing up!
You can find Ash and her creative talents on the links below.

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