A movement to be moved by

Stop what you’re doing and show your support to a movement worth moving for!

We recently came across a page that had absolutely blown us away! I have tried to write about this for a while now but I haven’t been able to find the right words to best describe what this movement is or what it means. I guess there are no words great enough to describe the the impact that this movement is making!

Today we are talking about a group of people who are a merged family that do nothing but spread love and positivity to those who need it most.

It is my absolute honour to introduce you to


This movements main focus is centred around bringing awareness to bullying on social media and in day to day society. It has now become a mission for those involved with #ERASEtheH8 to try and put a stop to unneeded hate in this world whilst also supporting others through their hardships.

These guys who have so quickly grown to be a united family spend their time supporting, encouraging and guiding others through their darkest times. This group of amazing people are taking over the world with their random acts of kindness and we believe they deserve to be acknowledged and known for their efforts in making this world a better place.


One member said:
“I think the article should discuss the power of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I think the movements are important but it’s the selfless empaths, these BEAUTIFUL people, behind these movements that are what makes them what they are. The hearts that these people all around us have is what gives us our inspiration, our motivation, and our strength. THEY are a true hope in humanity and deserve the spotlight”

Another member said:
“This movement is like a machine, it takes each and every one of us as separate pieces to make it work together”

With many others saying similar to:
” being part of this movement has helped me find a purpose” “this movement has helped my anxiety and depression to a point that I can’t even explain”

For example: Most recently #ERASEtheH8  had shown their support to a young man, Jade harmony. Jade was placed into foster care at the age of two and was abused for a long period of his life.


“My brothers and I were constantly abused. We were locked outside at night, made to stand on hot pavement until our feet blistered, we were starved and locked in our rooms while horror movies were played to further scare us. Bleach baths were a common practice. Once I was beat with a belt just for taking a potato. I know what’s it’s like to be treated like an animal because that’s what we were practically living like”

Jade was later adopted but his pain did not end there. His adoptive mother was just as abusive and he began to spiral into the dark hole of depression. What was meant to be a loving home had turned into a prison.

Jade was 17 when he left that toxic environment, however his mental health battle continued. As Jades mental health declined he began to self harm and this when he found #ERASEtheH8


“After self-harming I joined tiktok and found a loving supportive community and that’s where I met someone who introduced me to #erasetheh8. I had already made a video speaking out about bullying and that sorta helped me to join this group. They have been a loving support system and a great outlet for me to make a positive influence for others and for myself . #ERASEtheH8 has given me a platform to be heard. They have helped me find my voice and have continuously encouraged me to be my true self and supported me through my journey of speaking out and standing up against bullying”


This just a small/ very tiny amount of the life changing impact that this movement has done to help someone. Spreading happy tears is what they do best!

Not only are these incredible people taking over social media with their positivity but they also band together as a united front to give back into this world by selling wrist bands that help them shed positivity to communities such as their most recent cause on the 1st of December when they spent a full day of any donations/gifts proceeds going all towards Toys for Tots, which is a program that helps millions of less fortunate children share the magic of the Christmas holidays.


EraseTheH8 made a whooping $2,000.00 donation thanks to all the wonderful generosity of their supporters!

You can find their wrist bands here on Etsyimg_3174

I am proud to say that Bent But Not Breaking are now part of this amazing online family and I encourage everyone to head over to show their love and support!

And so I will end this here with a quote from a member of #ERASEtheH8


Be sure to check them out to show your support on their social media’s below.





”ERASEtheH8 started by two selfless people who wanted to share their vision of love and to find a way to truly impact the world. They decided to start an anti-bullying/anti-retaliation movement. That is where #ERASEtheH8 was born. Not just a hashtag but a revolution to help those in need. It is where you can go and talk to other people who have been in the same situation. To get advice and help from hundreds of open arms.
As ERASEtheH8 grows every day we look in to the future of this movement and see a lot of changes coming soon. ERASEtheH8 plans to give love worldwide by giving back to others that deserve it. Surprising those that need help with money issues or just to make it through another month without having to worry about what is next.
ERASEtheH8 is everywhere, U.S.A, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany etc.
we wont stop until everyone knows that it is time to #ERASEtheH8”