How a stranger, a mother, and a young boy moved the world on Christmas Day.

El Marie, a mother of three from Indiana is doing the best she can to raise her children.

As a single mother El Marie adopted Gabriel as an infant. Although two of her children are older and this article is about her youngest, I have no doubt that all three of her children are respectful and compassionate people .

Christmas Eve 2018 we came across a post that El Marie shared, her post set the world into compassionate meltdown and for good reason too!

I noticed however, that all of the news articles about this story focused on the praise of the selfless/good samaritan involved and El Marie’s beautiful son, Gabriel.

So I wanted to make sure that within this story, we focus on all of the people involved. Including El Marie.
Here is what she posted

“ Soooooo, ummm. . . while at Target this morning Gabe announced that he was going to go see if they still had the gift he wanted to buy me for Christmas. He wandered off while I finished my shopping. On my way to the checkout, a lady stopped me and said “Your son is something special. He is an absolute angel!.” Ooooh-kaay. .
Then, as I approached the checkout, I noticed three or four employees scurrying around, and giving me sly looks. One was carrying a roll of wrapping paper. Gabe comes running over to me with “Mom, don’t look. Don’t come yet. I’m not through with your gift yet.”
Me: What are you talking about, Boy? You don’t have any money.
Gabe: I just need that $20 I made from working at your job last week.
I give him the money, and hide my eyes. He completes his transaction while people in line are grinning, and nodding their heads.

Gabe: I think you gotta cover your eyes, Mom.
Cashier to Gabe: Oh, its okay. She wont see it. We’ve got it all handled.
Gabe trots off again while I check out.
Cashier(grinning): Your son really loves you! He is one terrific kid!
I smile and thank her, pleased but confused.
Two minutes later Gabe meets me at the door, carrying the huge box pictured, smiling from ear to ear.
Gabe: Mom, I heard you say you wanted this. I hope you love it when you open it on Christmas.
Me: Gabe. . How did you pay for this? And. . . Target doesn’t wrap presents. How did you get this one wrapped?
He shrugs: I didn’t want you to see it so the people wrapped it. I want it to be a surprise.
Me: Gabe, you didn’t have enough money for a gift this big.

Now. . .this is when I lost it, emotionally. . .

“Gabe: I know. When they rang it up it was $80. I didn’t have that much, and I told them I wanted to get you this surprise, so a lady in line behind me paid the other $60.
Me: *crickets and rapid blinking *
Me: Whaaaat, Gabe? What lady? Did you know her? Did you thank her?
Gabe: (nonchalantly) Yes, Mom. . I hugged her, I thanked her a whole bunch, and I said “God bless you.”
Who does something so generous, in an effort to help my son bless me?
And. . What kid walks into Target without a dime in his pocket, determined to buy his mom a gift, and leaves, mission accomplished???
Only my Gabe!
To the lady in Target in line behind my son.. . Ditto what Gabe said: BLESS YOU. “

For all those wondering what was in the Target gift box, it was a new coat. An awesome, warm coat, in El Marie’s favourite colour.

The lining of her current winter coat was shredded. It has been that way for the past two years, El Marie didn’t realise Gabriel even knew her coat was raggedy. So often, we assume our children dont recognize, or are too self-absorbed to notice our sacrifices. Maybe, just maybe we dont give them enough credit.

“I certainly underestimated my Gabe. I would really like to thank the woman who showed my Chocolate Drop love in action, and renewed my faith in people. Please share our story in the hopes that it might reach her, allowing me the opportunity to thank her in person for her kindness “

“ Since I initially posted this story on Christmas eve, It has been shared more than 70,000 times. 70,000!! I have received over 2000 personal messages from all over the country, and from as far away as Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Greece, and London. I never dreamed this post would touch people in the ways that it has. I am still processing, but in the coming days, I will share anonymous excerpts from a few of the messages I have received. . .like one from a mom who lost her child right before Thanksgiving. She wrote in part”. . Please hug your sweet Gabe for me, and tell him that reading his post on Christmas day made me smile. Tell him that this year HE was my Merry Christmas.”

I want the lady from Target to know that by blessing my Chocolate Drop, SHE blessed thousands. This was just one example of many. If anyone knows the identity of the Target lady, please see that she reads this post. #thepowerofone “

Our hearts have melted again!

This woman deserves praise, for she has taught her son to pay attention, to make effort, to have compassion, motivation, determination, love and care in his heart.

Im sure I don’t have to remind you that us, the parents, are raising the next generation. We are raising these little humans who will one day be running this world. The children we are raising today will then bring their own children into this world in which they will teach similar values that we have taught them. Its a cycle and it is absolutely vital that we raise them right. Along with El Marie’s faith that guides her and a large group of support behind her, she has raised her children well!

And for that, I admire you El Marie.

Being a single parent is hard, being a parent even with a tone of surrounding support is still hard, no matter the situation, being a parent is just down right HARD!!!

But this is the perfect example of compassion and it cost absolutely nothing to teach your kids how to be a decent human-being.

So as we end this story with a video of El Marie receiving her gift, we would like to acknowledge El Marie for being an incredible woman who is raising her children to care for others. El Marie I admire you deeply.

To Gabriel for his effort and compassion, never let anyone dim that bright light inside of you. Never loose sight of that compassion and care little man, because you have changed the world by using your kindness and love for good.

And to the good samaritan who El Marie is still trying to find. Thank you for your selfless and generous act of kindness that has changed a families life.

The world is a better place with all of you in it!



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