Brandon Bozarth – Your “WILL” is very rarely enough to create change and 2019 won’t be any different.

This article was originally written by Brandon Bozarth in which we have asked permission to republish his words of wisdom. Brandon is a Master coach of transformation and if we could steal every written piece of his, we would!

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Your “WILL” is very rarely enough to create change and 2019 won’t be any different…
Most people seek MOTIVATION but don’t understand the mechanics that actually create motivation

ALL humans, without exception, move away from what they BELIEVE is pain, and move towards what they BELIEVE is pleasure.

This is the ROOT of all behavior. So the key understanding and skill is learning how to identify and transform the beliefs that may be encouraging you to continue being someone you aren’t, taking action you don’t prefer to be taking, and repeating all the same negative patterns you did last year

Mind you, these beliefs are UNCONSCIOUS. Meaning you don’t know what they are consciously. This is actually what a “pattern or habit” is. An unconscious expression (action) of an unconscious belief

Once you become AWARE of what the belief is, by allowing yourself to feel and validate the emotion (aka the window that will lead you to the belief) that the belief is causing, you can DIS-COVER the belief that is creating the emotion (by asking yourself, what must I be believing about this situation, myself, or this person in order to be feeling this way?) and once you discover it, it is now no longer a habit it is a CHOICE

But why do we continue to choose things and beliefs we don’t prefer to choose? That we say don’t serve us? Why do we watch Netflix for 13 hours while eating a bag of blue cotton candy with a side of peanut butter and gum balls?

I’ll tell you why thanks for asking… because we still BELIEVE, even though we say the behavior doesn’t serve us, that the behavior actually DOES serve us! Because somehow… within our belief system, the OPPOSITE, or letting go of the behavior is actually MORE scary, more uncomfortable, more fearful then becoming part of the couch for the day…

Not that there is anything wrong with Netflix I love The Gifted and Manifest was cool 🙂

The process of transforming these beliefs into something that is ALIGNED with your passion is called integration, and if you cannot SELF GENERATE your integration and transformation, if you don’t have the tools, OR you don’t have direct Intentional support you will ALWAYS return to the belief system and what it says is your NORMAL

And most people’s normal is slowly killing them…

Ask yourself “how is this behavior serving me? If I let it go what’s the worse thing that could happen?” And dig until you find a negative belief that isn’t true because NONE of them can be true it is an energetic impossibility for some NEGATIVE to be true about you

Once you discover the LIE your process is DONE, and the more fun you have with it, the faster it will go!

To a smooth, fruitful and expansive 20NOWTEEN


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