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Upon researching for an article I have been working on about bullying, I came across an organisation named #BikersAgaisntBullying. 

Although there are many organisations that support bullying awareness, bikers against bullying stood out to me for many reasons. Intrigued, I contacted a few of their members to find out more.
Their slogan on their website touched my heart and I very quickly felt a sense of unity

“To Stand for the Fallen, to be the Voice for the voiceless, to be the strength of those that feel powerless, No child or person shall stand alone! Killing the spirit of bullying by empowering those in need”


Who Are They?

The members of bikers against bullying are not to be judged purley based on the fact that they do not meet societies stereotype standards of bikers. These are not scary violent bikers that we often see made up and dramatized in the movies. These are a group of soft-hearted people who care to make a difference in the world. I very quickly felt their warmth and passion about bullying awareness. In fact, every person that I have been in contact with when finding out more information has been nothing short of respectful, kind, and friendly.

Bikers Against Bullying International (212) is a initiative. Their initial primary purpose was to promote the Annual International Ride for Bully Awareness. Their sole purpose is to raise awareness and to support not only the children who are victims to bullying, but to also guide and educate the child who is bullying.

Their first awareness ride commenced in 2009, it was a 10 day ride spanning up and down the North American West Coast. By 2012 rides were operating in SEVEN other countries and 90 locations. Texas and Florida soon joined on a more permanent basis.
As of 2017 bikers against bullying have chapters and riders revving up in several states, countries, and locations for Bully Awareness – making it the largest international ride of its cause.

”The 212 Chapter members are the foot soldiers in supporting local Anti-Bullying and initiatives in their communities.’s roots go back to 1999 with its official non-profit beginnings in 2001 in Alberta, Canada.
It is one of the oldest organizations in the rapidly growing Bully Awareness/Anti-Bully Movement. Currently, there are over 22,000 members of that are involved in the motorcycle community in some capacity or have an interest in it! 2017 marks the 16th anniversary of and to celebrate our members and supporters, we continue to giveaway Member/Supporter Appreciation prizes, which to date has been a Member Bike. Since 2013, and Bikers Against Bullying have given away 15 member bikes!”

Their new app!

As the success of their cause grows, so does the resource available to those who need it.
stop.bully has officially created an app! The news of this app launch is a great accomplishment for all involved. You can find their new app on the stopybully website or download it on your phone/tablet from your app store.

Why Is This Organisation So Important?

Well, because it is clear that this organisation is working to make a difference!
– They take no pocket money from their supporters.
– They work with community partners.
– They are extremely passionate.
– They help raise money for other organisations such as the children’s hospital.
– They do countless charity and fundraising events!
– 72% of kids are, have or will experience bullying.
– Nearly 37% of kids experience cyber bullying.
– 70% of kids have witnessed bullying and did not know how to help or were too afraid.
– They help those who are bullying just as much as those who are being bullied.
– They are an international organisation.
– They run an international awareness ride.
– 90% of bullies said if they had someone who cared they would have been different.
This is an organisation that I know first hand genuinely cares!

However, and in my own opinion, this organisation is important simply because
 they have and continue to save lives!!!

Bikers against bullying are up for the task in helping ALL. I will say it again, they not only help the victim, but they also help/educate the bully and the families who are impacted. They pride themselves on their awareness rides and I am beyond proud to be writing about this organisation.

If you would like to be part of something that matters and that makes a difference, head on over to bikers against bullying page to find out more on how to receive support, to show your support and how you can get involved.



Props to this organisation, the members involved and the supporters for the difference that they have made and will continue to make!

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  1. Such a beautiful article…so well written! Even though I am already proud to be a part of this! I am even more proud of being a member!

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