How a mother of two found a hilarious way to remind her partner to help around the house

Bent But Not Breaking came across a post on social media that had us in fits of laughter. We couldn’t resist the chance to reach out to her to find out the story behind these viral notes that she left for her partner to find.
unfortunately, in a social media world full of haters, Ofelia has received a ton of backlash over her light-hearted humor between her partner and herself.
So here is the story behind these humourous and creative notes which were purely for fun.

“So I had this idea and I posted it on social media shortly after I became a mommy!
New mom, new duties, new life. My son was born via cesarean section because he was breach. I was in quite a lot of pain and whilst having to clean up after myself, I really didn’t want to be picking after someone else, it was exhausting.

My son was about 1 month old at the time and I had to keep asking my partner to at least clean up after himself. However, my partner wasnt helping as much as I had hoped for.
I didn’t want him to clean the whole house nor was I ask for anything unrealistic, I only wanted him to pick up after himself. So to get my point across in a fun way like we usually do, I decided to make a trail of notes to leave out for him to follow.
It is safe to say that my fiancé was excited when I told him he was going to come home to something special. You know, the dreaded 6 week wait after a baby is born to engage in ANY adult activities.
I placed the notes around the house, I dropped my son off to the sitter and then left for work. Shortly after I started my shift my fiancé got home and found the notes.
Soon after I received a text from him that said, “haha, nice babe. I threw it away.”

He thought it was hilarious! And might I add, he now picks up after himself too!

Check out Ofelia Hernandez’s creative, light-hearted, and fun trail of notes!




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